• We help clients establish their business and provide a regulatory umbrella for operations, where appropriate, under the FCA Appointed Representative Rules.  This is particularly useful for financial businesses or businesses where consumer credit may be a feature of operations
  • Our team assists clients in capital raising and arranging debt finance for growth
  • We advise on corporate and asset acquisitions, disposals, buy outs and restructurings
  • Many companies do not see the stock price growth that they were hoping for after going public.  There are many reasons for this.  Our Corporate Advisory Team work with clients to improve outcomes, helping them to tell their story better and connecting them with strategic

Become an Appointed Representative

  • Hywin’s Appointed Representative (“AR”) service offers a simple, rapid alternative to receiving direct authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to conduct financial services activities in the UK.
  • Direct FCA authorisation can take up to 12 months to complete and requires a significant amount of time, documentary information and cost for clients where this element of their business may be non-core. In contrast Hywin can assume regulatory oversight and enable clients to start their business within a few weeks.
  • In addition to regulatory oversight Hywin also provides access to a team of experienced professionals whose skills and networks can bring significant tangible benefit to our AR clients.

For more information on our Appointed Representative offering please contact Contact@Hywinwealth.co.uk

Case Study examples:

  • Corporate Finance: providing EIS/SEIS promoters with a regulated platform from which to arrange and promote private investments.
  • E-Commerce: providing digital platforms that refer customers to credit/financing providers with Consumer Credit Broking supervision. For example, Online Vehicle Sales.
  • Consumer Credit: providing businesses that refer clients to financing sources (as diverse a range as boiler replacements or cosmetic surgery) with Consumer Credit Broking supervision.