Obtaining an Investor Visa is a long and complex journey. We support our clients through this journey and beyond, creating investment management solutions that meet investor needs and Visa requirements

  • We are experienced in working with investor visa clients of all types, providing a full investor visa service for our clients via strategic relationships with legal, trust and tax professionals.
  • We open accounts for and manage UK Tier 1 Investment Visa investor portfolios. We also assist clients to obtain an Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • Working with expert legal and tax professionals our Family Office (International) Services serve our clients’ needs for residency planning, family trust and inheritance planning and transfer of wealth from one generation to another.

Regulated by the FCA, we provide personalised and professional discretionary investment management services for Investment Visa Programs.

The Investment Visa program requires client portfolios to be 100% invested in UK company equities or bonds. This requirement limits the investment choices that are usually available to clients since investments in USD government bonds, gold, or even hold cash are not allowed.

As a result Investment visa portfolios need to be managed very carefully with a strong focus on capital preservation and risk management. Our relationship managers and investment team are very familiar with this type of program and work closely with international Bank custodians and our clients to deliver a successful outcome.

Investment AmountTwo million pounds
Investment Aim:Generate income from the portfolio and achieve a certain level of capital growth
Risk Appetite:Conservative or balanced
Tax Status:UK Tax resident, Chinese tax domicile
Custodian bank:Barclays Bank, through GPP;
Eligible investment asset classesUK company shares and bonds according to Home Office requirements;
Management FeeHywin’s management fee is 1% of assets under management (plus VAT) per annum, charged at the end of each quarter. This covers day to day management of the portfolio, investment research, communications and regular reporting;
Custody FeeThe annual GPP custodian fee is 0.25% of custody assets (plus VAT). This covers managing your account with the custodian bank, including transaction fees.