• We use our skill and experience to assist with home finance, re-financing and re-mortgaging, buy to let mortgages according to clients’ needs. At Hywin, we understand that a mortgage is more than a loan.
  • We offer a professional service selecting mortgage products from a panel of over fifty UK lenders, which means that we have access to exclusive mortgage rates with lenders not found on the High Street.
  • We work well under time pressure, providing our clients with the support that they need, answering their questions and providing expert guidance. Our team are experts in securing mortgages for non-UK residents.
  • We are here to deliver value for money and make the process as simple and smooth as possible. We take the time to understand client’s needs and objectives, discuss their options and help make all the arrangements necessary for a successful outcome, from start to finish.

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A Process Agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served. There are special rules for the “servicing process” outside of England and Wales and it is often simpler to appoint a Process Agent within the jurisdiction. It is our role as your Process Agent (“PA”) to sign up for any documents received upon appointment and forward them for delivery to the addressees stipulated in the PA Agreement.

Hywin Wealth LLP (“Hywin”) offer PA service to individuals and can:

  • act as a PA for court actions and proceedings;
  • receive documents in connection with arbitration proceedings;
  • receive notices under contracts on behalf of transaction parties.

We could provide this service if a PA based in the UK is required, for example:

  • Mortgages and Loan agreements (LMA or bespoke);
  • Credit financing;
  • Leasing agreements;
  • Property financing;
  • Other agreements where a process agent may be needed.

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